Ranjini Hariharan, a housewife in Kochi was fed up of treating her comparatively non-dangerous, but irritating ailment called dandruff. She tried almost all the anti-dandruff shampoos and hair conditioners in the market, searched the web and tried some home remedies all these methods could curb the dandruff, but only temporarily.

It was then she decided to consult an Ayurvedic practitioner in a recognized kerala ayurvedic resort. `` I told him all the methods I tried and failed. It was then he asked me to change my diet. He told me to include a lot of fresh fruits and vegetable in my diet, she says.Shirolepanam was the next step that he advised for the patient and it included applying herbal paste on the head and keeping it for 30 minutes. ``This shirolepanam proved to be very effective, says Ranjini. It not only removed the dandruff, but provided me a good sleep and the doctor said that the technique can be applied in treating partial paralysis, hair fall and headache too, she adds.

Hair and skin care should be properly carried out even after the Ayurvedic therapy, if you want to keep the dandruff away. The patients are asked to reduce the intake of fat, oil, sugar, starch etc even after the therapy. Those with severe dandruff must take food items containing Vitamin A and B., say the Ayurvedic doctors.