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    Hi, any FDNY guys around?

    I will be going for a ride along on BLS and ALS buses with the FDNY sometime in the near future.

    I would like to know if there are anything I should know before going, perhaps some tips on what to look for, or tips for proper ride along etiquette.

    I have a couple of uniform questions for you FDNY guys/girls.

    Why do I never see FDNY EMS in cargo pants ? I think cargo pants are awesome.

    Why dont the Shirt and Jackets match up ? The shirt has two shoulder patches and FDNY - EMT in the front, but the Jacket has just one shoulder patch, and instead of FDNY - EMT, it has the FDNY - Name.

    What is the policy on collar brass ? I see it on some shirts, I dont see it on others, If I see it on shirts, I dont see it on jackets. I swear: one time I saw one collar brass on just one side of the jacket and nothing else.

    The reason for my curiosity is that I am former military, and we took uniformity of our uniforms very seriously, even if it isnt the class A... the NYPD seems to have very good uniform continuity, and they have cargo pants..

    thanks for your help guys, stay safe.

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    well, I see this is not a busy place, I'll be over at EMTLIFE and EMTCITY


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