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    Question How does Volunteer Fire Dept. Work?

    I am a Paramedic. I am not fire fighter. I am moving to a city with a population of maybe 25,000. At first I didn't think I was allowed to be on a Volunteer dept without being a fire fighter also. Recently I was told that I could still volunteer as a paramedic.

    My question is, how does this usually work? On my off days do I spend the night at the station. Or do I wear a beeper and get toned out that way. This may be different for different cities but I was just wondering. Thanks for your input.

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    Well..your right it is different in some places like my town for example..The first aid squad and fire department are 100% volunteer and We are free to be at the building as long as we want and whenever we want and we get paged out by Beeper's or AKA Pagers. When this happens we respond to the station from where ever we are. BUT..the first aid that I will be joining next month has this system which they call duty crew....Its kindof like a paid service but its volunteer 4 Members sleep at the building at night and we all have a special night Like say...I'm Mondays,My friend is tuesday...Etc..This is so we dont get 15 People rushing to a call at night.BUt if its anything big like a MVA or something where they need multiple rigs then they put in the General Alarm Which notifies everyone on the squad...The Fire Department Doesnt do this they just get toned out whenever there is an alarm and respond to the building. I hope I was helpful and Good Luck In your Volunteer Job. If you need to know anything else let me know and I'll be more than happy to help you out if I can.

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    I ride for an ambulance corps that is seperate from the FD. We have at least one duty crew in the building 24-7. For additional calls or extra manpower we get toned out on minitor II or III pagers. response will vary depending on the time of day. All members are encouraged to spend free time hanging out at the building. Many times we can man all three of our ambulances with five man crews because of people who come down to hang out. The minimum # of people on a crew is two.
    congratulations on moving, and good luck with the volunteering.

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    Thumbs up

    first of all congratulation on joining a volunteer dept.. Volunteer dept. are in constant need of new people and even more so if your already trained.

    My dept is 100 % volunteer, every call is paged out on our pagers. From 6 AM to 6 PM (during the day) whoever is around when the page goes off goes. Thats usually 3-4
    EMT-I's. From 6PM to 6AM, there is always an on-call crew of 3-4 that must respond. any back up calls are then run with whoever shows up when the page goes out. On weekends we have one on-call crew on 24-7 from friday night at 6PM to monday morning at 6AM. We dont have any sleeping quarters at the station so everyone responds from their home. Must live in the village to be on the squad so our response times are generally 3minutes or less even in the middle of the night

    just the way we do it here!
    Jamie Tlachac EMT-I

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    I would like to say hello from NC!

    I volunteer with Moriah Vol. Fire & Rescue in NC! We are nothing but volunteer! We each have a Minitor II or III! When the tones for our station drops, our beepers go off and we hear the dispatcher tell us where to go, however, we are currently starting to do a pre-call, it is where you here where the call is at then it is toned out, it gives you a "running start"! After the dept. in toned out(dispatched), we get in our POV's(personal operator vehicles; a.k.a. our personal cars) and race to the station to get a unit! Ever who gets there first gets the truck and responds to the call! Everyone else goes POV to the call unless they are 10-22'd(canceled) for whatever reason!

    Far as having to be a fire fighter, NA! I only respond to the EMS calls we recieve, whick is 95% to 98% of our call volume! It was written down on my application and I have been with this department for 2 1/2 years now! So that should tell you something! We also have two volunteers that are paramedics themselves who work elsewhere and volunteer their time when they are at home!

    I do occassionally respond to house fires, but for rehab. purposes only! I hate beeing in enclosed spaces where I can't tell where in the hell I am going! Rehab. is where you provide medical assisstance to your fellow fire fighters when they take turns going in and out of the the fire! Our local EMS is dispatched automatically to a house fire and remains there through its' entirity! Rehab. personnell usually assissts them in the medical asspects of a fire scene!

    Hope this helped you some! Good luck to you!

    E-MAIL me sometime at: nc_emt@hotmail.com !


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