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    Default Jump Bag Checklist

    I am curious if anyone here has a blank checklist for their "Basic" jumpbag. We are looking for something as a basis for our own. I am talking something like 2 elastic wraps, 20 4x4's etc.

    If you have something and are willing to share, please either post it here, or send me an email to leech2k4@yahoo.com.

    Thank you in advance.

    Garfield Twp. Fire Department

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    I know for a fact this topic has been discussed at least a hundred times in the past. BUT... I'll play along and let someone else beat the dead horse.

    Some swiffer's... My bag is in the closet collecting dust. Only once in seven years have I ever been in a situation where the ambulance either couldn't get there quick or was too far away.. I don't go out looking for people to treat, and I'm not too apt to stop along the roadway.. I mean I'll call for help, but I don't advertise my training.

    I considered what I had at home that could cause injury, and what was between my home and the firehouse. My various power saws, mitre saw, sawzall, etc. A sawmill, a woodworks factory, a garage, and a water fall that kids jump off of. I wanted just some basic stuff that I could use to assist my neighbors/self/family in order to delay death...

    8x10 Trauma Dressings x2
    (I know, I know, traditional trauma dressings are 10x30 or 12x30-but it's a small bag)
    4x4 Gauze Squares x 15
    Cravats x 4 (can also use to secure dressings)
    4" Kling x 4 (bought on ebay with some other assorted little things)
    Sam Splint x 1 (the grey ones look less tacky than orange/blue-but I only wanted it for the size)
    Roll of tape x 1 (Good tape (Transpore), none of that paper or fabric crap)
    I bought my bag at the PA fire expo and got an oral airway kit & CPR mask for free, so I tossed those in
    Penlight, the walmart kind w/ replaceable batteries
    I was given a collar by my service, so I tossed that in the trunk, since it wouldn't fit in the bag
    Like a zip lock bag full of gloves

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    Adult BVM
    1 Nasal canula
    1 non-rebreather (i dont carry O2 but our police do and i tend to give them my extra)
    Gloves (about 5 pairs worth, i tend to use the glvoes for automotive purposes as well)
    Peroxide (why alcohol / peroxide, my old agency got me in the habbit of using them for cleaning purposes)
    20 4x4's
    3-5 5x9's (not a big 5x9 fan as you can tell)
    1 Trauma dressing
    1 all size c-collar (yes, i HAVE used this, ive actually used it a number of times, if a calls between me and my firehouse, i stop at the scene and my driver meets me)
    2 of each size cling
    3-4 Cravats
    Oral Airways
    Nasal airways
    Adult BP Cuff (which is missing, it broke i've yet to replace it, the #1 thing i need though)
    Red bag
    Wire splint (its like a SAM splint, only no protective covering, i got it from my old ambulance squad when they were throwing things out)

    I think thats roughly everything in my bag. It was a gift last year for xmas, but then got stolen (it came stocked) so my dad had some extra EMS bags lying around (dont ask why) and i stocked it with the above. Everytings in a seperate compartment inside the bag, it sits on my back seat, works well.
    Adam, EMT-B

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    I think he is more or less asking for a blank sheet, that he can checkoff when he checks whats in his bag.
    "A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood"

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    Can't you just type what you have into a spreadsheet;

    Item: QTY: Location (outside pocket, inside, etc): Qty Found on Inspection: QTY Needed: etc?

    Seems like a plan to me. Like the thing you would check off before state licensure inspection for the rig?

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    I think I have something...

    It's not for trauma/first aid, it's an airway/O2 kit, but I'm thinking it's the same general concept.


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    Default NYS basic bages

    Any emergency ambulance service vehicle shall be equipped and supplied with emergency care equipment consisting of:

    12 sterile 4"x4" gauze pads;
    adhesive tape, three rolls assorted sizes;
    six rolls conforming gauge bandage, assorted sizes;
    two universal dressings, minimum 10 inches x 30 inches;
    six 5"x9" (minimum size) sterile dressings or equivalent;
    one pair of bandage shears;
    six triangular bandages;
    sterile normal saline in plastic container (1/2 litre minimum) within the manufacturer's expiration date;
    one air occlusive dressing;
    one liquid glucose or equivalent;
    disposable sterile burn sheet;
    sterile [O.B.] kit;
    blood pressure sphygmomanometers cuff in adult and pediatric sizes and stethoscope;
    three rigid extrication collars capable of limiting movement of the cervical spine. These collars shall include small, medium and large adult sizes; and
    carrying case for essential equipment and supplies.
    (c) Oxygen and resuscitation equipment consisting of:

    portable oxygen with a minimum 350 liter capacity with pressure gauge regulator and flow meter medical "D" size or larger. The oxygen cylinder must contain a minimum of 1000 PSI pressure;
    manually operated self-refilling bag valve mask ventilation devices in pediatric and adult sizes with a system capable of operating with oxygen enrichment and clear adult, and clear pediatric-size masks with air cushion;
    four oropharyngeal airways in a range of sizes child through adult individually wrapped or boxed;
    two each: disposable non-rebreather oxygen masks, and disposable nasal cannula individually wrapped;
    portable suction equipment capable, according to the manufacturer's specifications, of producing a vacuum of over 300 m.m. Hg when the suction tube isclamped and including two plastic Yankauer wide bore pharyngeal suction tips, individually wrapped; and
    pen light or flashlight.
    (d) A two-way voice communications enabling direct communication with the agency dispatcher and the responding ambulance vehicle on frequencies other than citizens band.

    (e) Safety equipment consisting of:

    six flares or three U.S. Department of Transportation approved reflective road triangles;
    one battery lantern in operable condition; and
    one Underwriters' Laboratory rated five pound ABC fire extinguisher or any extinguisher having a UL rating of 10BC.
    (f) Extrication equipment consisting of:

    one short backboard or equivalent capable of immobilizing the cervical spine of a sitting patient. The backboard shall have at least two 2" x 9' long web straps with fasteners unless straps are affixed to the device; and
    one blanket.

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    Southaven Fire Department
    ALS Daily Checklist

    Date:_______________ Medic:_________________ Engine ____ Truck_____

    O2 and Airway Supplies
     Small O2 level ________
     2 Adult NRB
     1 Pedi NRB
     1 Infant Mask
     2 Adult NC
     1 Pedi NC
     1 Adult Nebulizer
     1 Pedi Nebulizer
     1 Adult BVM
     1 Pedi BVM
     1 Infant BVM
     1 Pocket Mask
     1 EA Oral Airways
     1 EA Nasal Airways
     1 Combitube with Syringes
     1 ea ET Tubes 3.0- 9.0
     1 Adult Stylettes
     1 Pedi Stylettes
     1 Adult Tube Holder
     1 Pedi Tube Holder
     1 Adult End-tidal CO2 detector
     1 Pedi End-tidal CO2 detector
     1 Adult Laryngoscope Handle
     1 Pedi Laryngoscope Handle
     1 ea Miller Blades 0-3
     1 ea Macintosh Blades 2-4
     1 Magill Forceps
     4 Lubricant

     1 Portable Suction
     1 Adult BP Cuff
     1 Pedi BP Cuff
     1 Adult Stethoscope
     1 Trauma Shears

     1 Penlight
     1 Sheet Stretcher
     1 Broselow Tape
     1 Thermometer

    ACLS Equipment
     1 Life Pak 10
     1 AED
     4 pkg Adult Electrodes
     2 pkg Pedi Electrodes
     1 Adult Combi-pads
     1 Pedi Combi-pads
     1 Pad Gel
     1 Pulse Oximeter
     1 Gulcometer
     1 Btl Test Strips
     5 Lancets

    Trauma Supplies
     2 Kerlix
     1 Triangle Bandage
     6 ea 4x4 Sterile
     6 ea 4x4 Non Sterile
     1 Trauma Pads
     2 ABD Pads
     2 Vaseline Gauze
     1 ea Tape 1-2
     1 Sterile H20
     4 Adult C-Collars
     2 Pedi C-Collars
     2 Adult Head Blocks
     2 Pedi Head Blocks
     1 OB Kit

    IV Supplies
     2 NS
     2 ea 10 gtts
     2 ea 60 gtts
     2 Start Kits

     3 ea 14g-24g Catheters
     1 IO Needle
     2 ea Syringes 1ml-10ml
     1 Sharps Container

     1 Bx each Sm, Med, L, XL Gloves

    Drugs Expiration
     2 Adenocard ___________
     4 Albuterol___________________
     1 Btl ASA___________________
     3 Atropine___________________
     1 Benadryl__________________
     1 Calcium Chloride___________  1 Charcoal___________________
     1 Dex 25%___________________
     1 Dex 50%___________________
     1 Dopamine__________________
     3 Epi 1:1000_________________
     5 Epi 1: 10,000_______________
     1 Glucagon___________________
     2 Lasix______________________
     2 Lidocaine__________________
     1 Lidocaine Premix____________
     1 Mag Sulfate________________
     1 Narcan_____________________
     1 Btl Nitro___________________
     1 Oral Glucose________________
     1 Phenergan__________________
     1 Romazicon_________________
     1 Saline Flush________________
     1 Bicarb 8.4__________________
     1 Bicarb 4.2__________________
     1 Thiamine___________________
     1 Verapamil__________________

    This is on our engine companys. Just remove the ALS stuff

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