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    Default Siren and decibel levels

    I was curious is anyone knows the decibel level inside the ambulance when driving with sirens. I know it gets pretty loud and thats with having the speakers on the bumper. I thought OSHA designed it to where hearing loss was minimal with this design but I'm curious if anyone has any info.

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    FYI on terminology: OSHA doesn't "design" anything; they put standards in place to limit employee noise exposure, and it's up to other people to design stuff to meet those standards.

    Since there are so many variables (siren output, truck vs van chassis, etc) the only way to get a really good answer is to ask around to see if you know someone with a decibel meter (or pick one up for $50), and measure it, but if you can have a conversation without shouting, it's probably an OK level. (And keep the windows up while you're running the siren! I shouldn't have to yell at partners for this.)
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