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    Quote Originally Posted by edge1317 View Post
    I'm also thinking that this $30 fee is for the background check. With an organization of their size I'm going to assume they get a decent amount of applications in. The need for sending the $30 in will weed out the ones that know they won't pass a background check. Otherwise crazies will just apply to give it a shot since it won't be any of any loss to them. Most likely after the volunteer either gets accepted or passes probation they get their $30 back.
    I don't have a problem with the fee, per se. but as I said before:
    So let me make this perfectly clear. I can apply to get a paycheck, and all I need is to send an email. or, I can apply to give my time and energy for no pay, and I have to pay $30 just to drop off the application.
    so volunteer applicants need to pay, career applicants don't. really makes me want to run out and volunteer with them .......
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    Default This is why I can't support Volunteer EMS Agencies

    With all due respect, your open comment about why you can't support Volunteer EMS Agencies, would be like me saying you only work for a pay check and could care less about people. I think it safe to say this would be a highly false statement. Granted, some agencies may charge a fee to recoup their investigative expenses, but not all. I have been with my agency for over 31 years and the only expenses incurred have been wear and tear on my POV when responding to a call and other related expenses, like gas. We train and provide uniforms, and a good many supplies for our members, all at agency expense. We have been an all volunteer agency since our inception in 1945. Please don't judge all Volunteer agencies by a small hand full within a given area. You paint a lot of good devoted people when you use a broad brush.

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    Default Well...

    I'll admit. I'm a volunteer being as I'm in college still and can't do a daylight paid job.
    Let me make this clear to everyone though: I agree that making someone pay for an application or background check to be a volunteer is wrong and I don't agree with it.
    Now, I've gotta stand up for me and my fellow volunteers. Down here, I'm yet to find a volunteer rescue squad that charges ANY fee whatsoever to apply, get a background check, or join the crew. Specifically, the closest volunteer crew to me, does not even charge for the uniform shirts and anytime yours needs to be replaced, turn in your old one and you'll get a free new one. *Note that the volunteer agencies down here are also supported by paid crews. What I mean is, during the day (6am-6pm), the paid crews run and from 6pm-6am, the volunteers run WITH the paid crews. Starting at 6pm, the volunteer trucks are always sent out first and then when they are all gone, the paid crews are awakened in their bunk rooms (normally in a different building a few blocks away from the volunteer crew hall) as backup.* The local squads here run purely on donations.

    In short- Not all volunteer EMS agencies are like that, but those that do charge to apply are wrong in doing so.
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    I recently joined a local community volunteer Rescue Squad that is supported by the County I reside in.
    They have great facilities and equipment. They are also the training station for the county.
    hrm... The county paid for my BGC. Training so far has been great...
    It is made up mostly of volunteer membership from what I've learned so far.
    And the community has a very High praise and respect level for the Squad.
    All the squads in the county are made up of volunteers far as I know and with the current economy and dwindling budgets.. I imagine volunteers are going to be needed in this and many other areas......
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    Judging volunteer EMS in general by a few examples isn't terribly fair. I ride with a collegiate agency, we get about 900 calls a year and run 24/7. When I applied and was accepted I was issued a basic uniform for free. Everything I NEEDED was provided; all the extra goodies were up to me to purchase; IE the nice fleece or reflective jacket for nights/winter.

    Also as previously mentioned, volunteer agencies have fewer funds to cover costs involved in membership, so a small fee for background checks is very understandable, even if it comes off as questionable.


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